The Girl Behind The Glass

The house on Hemlock Road used to be someone’s home. Until something happened. Something that even after eighty years can never be forgotten or forgiven . . .

After Hannah and Anna move to the creepy old house on Hemlock Road, it seems as if something or someone is trying to drive the twins apart. Why does Hannah sense things that no one else in the family does?

At night, if she listens hard enough, it’s almost as though someone is trying to talk to her. Someone no one else can hear. Someone angry enough to want revenge.

Hannah, are you listening?

Is the house haunted? Is Hannah crazy? Or does something in the house want her as a best friend––forever?

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The Girl Behind The Glass

Kelley carries out the supernatural elements well, and the narrative is almost simultaneously mordant and funny (especially when the twins gang up on their airhead older sister). Its page-turning plot, distinctive style, and psychologically astute characterization lift this mystery well above the ordinary.

                                                    --Horn Book Magazine

As befits a story swirling with secrets and betrayals, the tensions within the Zimmer family are especially well-observed. Kelley conveys an impressive amount of emotion with few words.

                                                    --Publishers Weekly  

Mood is all important in ghost stories and Kelley nails it right from the start: the narration lacks even enough identity for an I pronoun but it’s clearly coming from a disturbing supernatural aspect of the house. A pleasing amount of chill for readers ... they’ll relish the genuinely unease-inducing menace.

                                                       --The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books